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Swiss people touring Rome

Creato: Sabato, 24 Ottobre 2015

A group of 30 from Switzerland rented our electric bikes with their amazing guide Cristina to tour Rome.... and met the Carabinieri band along the tour !!

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Pilgrims from Berlin

Creato: Venerdì, 23 Ottobre 2015

Coming from Berlin bishopric 35 pilgrims have decided to use our electric bike to run a tour on the cycle path on Tevere riverside: from Castel Sant'Angelo to Ponte MIlvio, visiting the Maxxi museum and crossing the new Music Bridge, than going back to Isola Tiberina - Young and older people enjoyed so much the ride 

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40 from Holland

Creato: Venerdì, 17 Aprile 2015

Everybody knows how smart are Dutch riding by bike. Here is the Bizz United group: 40 people riding trough the Roman traffic, better than a native roman up on a Vespa. Three hours biking around the city without fear of cars, or of cobbled paving. It was really funny! We know in The Netherlands there are lots of cycle paths and quite not traffic....but they cannot ride around Coliseum :-) :-) :-)

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60 from Bavaria

Creato: Lunedì, 13 Aprile 2015

The bike is democratic: it doesn’t matter what's your skin colour, age, sex, weight or religion. It is allowed to everybody. If you need a little help… an electric one is the best way to enjoy the town visit.
60 Pilgrims from Bavaria, riding on the cycle path along the riverside of Tevere from Ponte Sant’Angelo to Ponte Milvio and back to Tiberina Island. At the arrive they devoured in few seconds the rich buffet prepared to support the fantastic memory of that day.

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Creato: Domenica, 12 Ottobre 2014

Almost 20 Pierrots from Great Britain ... with no terdrops but huge smiles, they rode our bikes thru Roman alleys. They are part of a group of longtime friends, and each year they put on a new mask and visit an european city, bringing a wave of joy while arousing curiosity and wonder. Will they come back to visit Rome again? 

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The Spanish Students

Creato: Sabato, 06 Settembre 2014

A group of friendly Spanish students has gladdened our day with a whirlwind tour by electric bicycle

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